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Blue Cyber is a Sci-Fi VR Series

This web based virtual reality experience supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Windows Mixed Reality. Read the FAQ to learn more about web browser compatibility. Don't have a headset? You can still play on your computer or mobile device.

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Episode 01

You are the new Delegate. You have been entrusted with the magical powers of the Blue Cyber. You're sent on a journey to discover a way to defeat a dormant threat to the galaxy.

VR Screenshot - Cobalt
VR Screenshot - Vault Entrance
VR Screenshot - Vault Interior With Blue Cyber
VR Screenshot - Shuttle in Landing Dock
VR Screenshot - Catacomb With a Delegate's Ghost


VR Headset Computer Mobile


This website uses the new WebVR JavaScript API for creating Virtual Reality experiences on the web. Not all browsers currently support this new technology.

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Compatible Web Browsers:

Oculus Rift is compatible with Mozilla Firefox version 58 and above. Blue Cyber is also featured in the Supermedium VR browser avaible in the Oculus Store.

Not hearing audio from the Rift headphones?

You can route your computer's audio to the Rift headphones by selecting Rift Audio as a Playback device in the system tray. This can also be done inside Oculus Desktop.

Rift Audio

Compatible Web Browsers:

HTC Vive is compatible with Mozilla Firefox version 58 and above. Blue Cyber is also featured in the Supermedium VR browser avaible on Steam.

Compatible Web Browsers:

Oculus Go is compatible with the built in Oculus Browser, Firefox Reality, or Samsung Internet.

Compatible Web Browsers:

Windows Mixed Reality headsets are compatible with Microsoft Edge version 16 and above.

Compatible Web Browsers:

Google Daydream headsets are compatible with Chrome or Firefox Reality.

Compatible Web Browsers:

Samsung Gear VR is compatible with Oculus Browser or Samsung Internet.

Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peek at a production scene from the next episode of Blue Cyber.

Please Note: This VR scene is a work in progress and not finalized. There is no audio or interaction. It’s for preview purposes only.

Delegate's Shuttle Interior

Spaceship Interior

The Delegate departs Cobalt and plots a course to the center of the galaxy. The shuttle's sensors detect a signal coming from a nearby star system. The Delegate travel towards this world to investigate the source of the message.